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Dural Horseland is here to help, with an amazing team of specialists that can help you with a depth of knowledge for all of your horse riding needs. They have an amazing range of products including the ever popular Mattes saddle pads and FITS range. CLICK LOGO TO LINK TO THEIR PAGE.
CopRice has been manufacturing high quality horse feed for more than 30 years. CopRice feeds are formulated using the latest equine nutritional research to ensure the best results for your horse. CopRice uses high quality ingredients to manufacture feed for all breeds of horses and ponies in all types of work, as well as breeding, spelling or retirement. CLICK LOGO TO LINK TO THEIR PAGE.
When you choose to bank with Bendigo Bank you’re making a decision that benefits you and your community. So as well as great banking products and personal service, it’s about helping to create vibrant, thriving communities. CLICK LOGO TO LINK TO THEIR PAGE.
The Galston Club is a great venue for meeting with friends and family to celebrate those special occasions. A covered play area is available for children up to 12 years of age. CLICK LOGO TO LINK TO THEIR PAGE.
Participants can enter anywhere; all you need is access to the internet. You simply log on to the Nominate web site, view schedule and enter your details any time up to the chosen event closing time on the date nominations close. CLICK LOGO TO LINK TO THEIR PAGE.
The Galston, Glenorie & Hills Rural Community News is a combination of several original community papers. The original publication (known as The Galston Gazette) went to print in 1968. Since then the paper has evolved into a g0-to publication for locals and visitors, and is a great supporter of GEC, publishing our updates in each issue.  
Equestrian News magazine is a free, community based magazine that offers a quality production with a professional edge, featuring articles covering equestrian personalities, events, lifestyles, properties plus essential health and veterinary information for every horse enthusiast and there is an equine directories found at the back of each magazine. So next time you are out and about grab a copy and support the businesses that support this wonderful locally produced magazine. CLICK LOGO TO LINK TO THEIR PAGE.
GEC does not have the resources to offer trail riding, especially in large groups. For our members who would like to experience larger groups or trail rides that are more challenging, we suggest you approach ATHRA who run some wonderful rides and have the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure riders and their horses have a safe and enjoyable experience appropriate to their level of fitness. CLICK LOGO TO LINK TO THEIR PAGE.